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General Functions:

  • Metric/Imperial Conversion.
  • Zero Reset.
  • Preset Dimension.
  • 1/2 Distance Mode to aid Centre Finding.
  • Absolute and Incremental coordinate display modes.
  • Recall Memorised Position.
  • Mechanical Zero & Workpiece Zero.
  • Shrink Function: Shrinkage allowance can be set to compensate for casting or moulding shrinkage.
  • Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) Function: The console will output X and Y coordinates for each hole.

Lathe Functions:

  • Tool Compensation and Tool Number.
  • Diameter or Radius Reading.

Calculator Functions:

  • Maths Functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide.
  • Trig Functions: SIN, COS, TAN, SIN-1, COS-1, TAN-1, X2, √, π (pi).
  • Axis position can be transferred to calculator as an operator.
  • Result can be transferred back to an axis.

Display Console Specifications:

  • Resolution: 0.005mm (5 Microns).
  • Display: 8 Digit LED.
  • Response Speed: 60m/min.
  • Error: ±1 Count.
  • Power: 110-250VAC 50-60Hz.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-40°C.
  • Supplied with mounting arm.
  • Connector: 7 pin DIN (screw locking)

100-065-00003 Xpos-3 Digital Readout Display Console - 3 Axis RRP: £164.20 Inc.VAT
£98.75 Excl.VAT
£118.50 Inc.VAT
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