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uvex Megasonic

uvex Megasonic

uvex Megasonic Safety Goggles - Visionary technologies at a glance

The megasonic's revolutionary lens design has an exceptional field of vision with optical class 1 clarity in every direction The sporty, ergonomic design and ultra-comfortable fit means these goggles both protect and allow you to get on with your day, without distraction.

Coatings on uvex spectacles: Core coatings

uvex supravision sapphire

Lenses coated with uvex supravision sapphire are extremely scratch-resistant and offer excellent resistance against chemicals. The coating system refined by nanotechnology shows a considerable increase in the non-stick properties and is therefore easier to clean. Watery and greasy dirt can be removed easily.

uvex supravision excellence

Lenses coated with uvex supravision excellence are anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant and resistant to chemicals on the outside. The anti-fog coating is permanent. The lenses are also particularly easy to clean due to the nano clean effect and are less susceptible to soiling.

uvex supravision plus

Lenses coated with uvex supravision plus have long anti-fog properties on both sides, scratch-resistant and anti-static. The anti-fog coating is permanent, even after being cleaned several times.