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Infradur Plus - Black/Green Frame - Grey Lens - Welding Protection 3 Lens

uvex super f OTG Infradur Plus - Black/Green Frame - Grey Lens (U9169-543)

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The uvex super f OTG are very comfortable safety spectacles that offer excellent coverage of the whole eye area – that includes the welding safety spectacle version. As overspecs, they also fit easily over conventional prescription glasses, making them perfect for site visitors, for example.

General features

  • Welding overspecs for prescription spectacle wearers with hinged side arm concept
  • Perfect colour recognition thanks to uvex sunglare filters
  • New filter technology combines UV and IR protection
  • Frame colour: black, green
  • Grey PC lens

Protection features

  • Certified in line with EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 169 (welding protection)
  • Welding protection level: 3 - Lightweight oxyacetylene cutting
  • Labelling: W 166 FT CE – 3 W 1 FTKN DIN CE
  • Reliable UV 400 and IR protection

Comfort features

  • Anti-fog coating on the inside and extremely scratch-resistant on the outside, minimising burns due to welding sparks (uvex infradur plus)
  • Soft ear pieces for a pleasant feel
  • Unrestricted side visibility

Not suitable for electric welding.

Art. No. U9169-543
Product Type spectacles,
welding protection glasses,
Product Family uvex super fit
Coating uvex infradur plus
lens Properties anti fog,
resistant to welding sparks,
scratch resistant
Lens Tinting welding protection, grey
Product System Construction
Standards EN 166, EN 169
Marking W 166 FT CE – 3 W 1 FTKN DIN CE
UV Protection UV 400
Lens Material polycarbonate (PC)
Colour green, black
Technologies Special coatings
Segment Metal Works
Level of Protection Use Gas Used Flow Rate (l/h)
1.7 Protection against scattered
rays for welding assistants
- -
3 Lightweight oxyacetylene cutting - -
4 Welding and braze welding Acetylene <70
5 Welding and braze welding
Oxyacetylene cutting
6 Welding and braze welding
Oxyacetylene cutting
U9169-543 *uvex super f OTG welding Infradur Plus Grey Welding Shade 3 RRP: £12.28 Inc.VAT
£7.38 Excl.VAT
£8.85 Inc.VAT