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uvex ultrasonic Welding Safety Eyewear

practical flip-up lens

uvex ultrasonic Welding Safety Eyewear – The two-component spectacles with maximum wearer comfort


uvex Welding Safety Eyewear - The next generation of welding protection

uvex are the first to develop a unique grey welding filter lens.

Unlike traditional green welding tint products, the innovative technology behind the uvex grey-tint lenses affords protection from UV and infrared light while maintaining perfect colour recognition in accordance with uvex sunglare filters. This new range is also the first to feature anti-fog lens coating technology.

  • Permanent uvex infradur plus lens coating - anti-fog properties prevent the inside of the lens misting up and the extreme scratch-resistance on the outside keeps damage from welding sparks to an absolute minimum
  • Increased impact protection over traditional green welding products which can weaken the mechanical strength of the lens
  • Perfect colour recognition in line with uvex sun glare filters – safety signs and signals are easily recognised, increasing employee safety
  • A vailable in various protection classes (EN166 1 F for specs and EN166 1 B for goggles) offering protection for a variety of welding applications and environments
  • Available in a range of stylish modern designs
  • Goggles can be worn comfortably over most prescription specs

uvex infradur and uvex infradur plus

Lenses coated with uvex infradur are scratch-resistant on both sides and minimise the damage from welding sparks. Lenses coated with uvex infradur plus are anti-fog on the inside and extremely scratch-resistant on the outside, and also minimise the damage from welding sparks.

Lens Tinting

Clear Lens Tint
Clear Lens Tint


Protection: UV 400
UV/marking: 2(C)-1.2
Transmission: approx. 91%
Standards: EN 166, EN 170
Anti-glare mechanical hazard protection
Anti-glare mechanical hazard protection

Not suitable for electric welding.