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Supravision Excellence/Infradur - Black/Green Frame - Welding Protection 3

uvex ultrasonic Supravision Excellence/Infradur - Black/Green Frame - Clear/Grey Lens (U9302-043)

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The combination of hard and soft material components used in the uvex ultrasonic pairs high mechanical strength with optimum wearability. This wide-vision goggle can be worn for long periods without causing any pressure problems. The flexible soft component allows it to adapt to each individual face for a snug fit, ensuring comprehensive side protection around the eye area, even when worn over prescription spectacles. The uvex ultrasonic offers outstanding ventilation, ensuring a pleasant interior environment that does not cause irritation. This top goggle also features a sporty design, panoramic field of vision and quick and easy lens replacement. The welding safety version of the goggle has a practical flip-up lens that is very easy to replace.

General features

  • Wide-vision welding safety spectacles with a sporty design, also suitable as overspecs (fits over all prescription lenses)
  • Replaceable fold-up filter with welding protection level 3
  • Lenses can be replaced
  • Perfect colour recognition thanks to uvex sunglare filters
  • New filter technology combines UV and IR protection
  • Frame colour: black, green
  • Clear PC lens, additional grey PC lens

Protection features

  • Certified in line with EN 166 (personal eye protection), EN 169 (welding protection) and EN 170 (UV filters)
  • Welding protection level: 3 (filter) - Lightweight oxyacetylene cutting
  • Labelling of frame: W 166 349 B CE
  • Labelling of lens: 2-1,2 W 1 B9 KN DIN CE
  • Labelling of filter: 3 W 1 CE
  • Reliable UV 400 and IR protection (flip-up lens)
  • High mechanical strength (B: 120 m/s)

Comfort features

  • Practical flip-up filter, which is easy to replace
  • Filter extremely scratch-resistant on both sides, minimising burns due to welding sparks (uvex infradur)
  • Anti-fog coating on the inside, extremely resistant to chemicals and scratches on the outside (uvex supravision excellence)
  • Broad, panoramic field of vision
  • No problems with pressure when worn for long periods, due to a combination of hard and soft components

Not suitable for electric welding.

Art. No. U9302-043
Product Type welding protection glasses,
overspecs, goggles
Product Family uvex ultrasonic
Version flip-up filter
Coating uvex infradur,
uvex supravision excellence
lens Properties anti fog,
chemical resistant,
scratch resistant
Lens Tinting clear, welding protection, grey
Product System Construction
Standards EN 166, EN 169, EN 170
Marking W 166 349 B CE – 2-1,2 W 1 B9 KN DIN CE,
W 166 349 B CE – 3 W 1 CE
UV Protection UV 400
Lens Material polycarbonate (PC)
Colour green, black
Technologies Core coatings, Special coatings
Segment Metal Works
Level of Protection Use Gas Used Flow Rate (l/h)
1.7 Protection against scattered
rays for welding assistants
- -
3 Lightweight oxyacetylene cutting - -
4 Welding and braze welding Acetylene <70
5 Welding and braze welding
Oxyacetylene cutting
6 Welding and braze welding
Oxyacetylene cutting

Lens Tinting

Clear Lens Tint


Protection: UV 400
UV/marking: 2(C)-1.2
Transmission: approx. 91%
Standards: EN 166, EN 170
Anti-glare mechanical hazard protection

U9302-043 * uvex ultrasonic welding with Flip-up Grey Welding Shade 3 RRP: £27.70 Inc.VAT
£16.63 Excl.VAT
£19.96 Inc.VAT
U9302-083 *uvex ultrasonic welding Replacement Lens Grey Wldg. Shade 3 RRP: £13.33 Inc.VAT
£7.84 Excl.VAT
£9.41 Inc.VAT