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Copaslip Anti-Seize/Assembly Compound 100g Tube

COPASLIP protects against seizure, fusion and corrosion in high temperature and other extreme conditions.

When applied to surfaces it forms a smooth matrix which never hardens, sets or melts and is unaffected by contraction, expansion or vibration.

Reduces wear and torque in areas of high friction, thereby ensuring quick assembly and dismantling.

Adapts itself to the microscopic irregularities of metal surfaces, smoothing them and thereby preventing galling and pitting even under extreme surface temperatures and pressures.

COPASLIP is almost indispensable in all branches of industry.

170-100-10400 Copaslip Anti-Seize/Assembly Compound 100g Tube RRP: £5.50 Inc.VAT
£3.75 Excl.VAT
£4.50 Inc.VAT
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