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Truloc Superloc 395 Low Strength Thread Lock 10ml

Formulated for low strength threadlocking and easy dismantling of parts. It prevents set screws, lock screws and machine screws from loosening under vibration while providing easy adjustment and dismantling.

Its thixotropic property minimises adhesive flow and transfer thus preventing migration into working assemblies.
Superloc 395 provides excellent lubrication and controlled torque/tension relationship.

Applications: For fasteners made from weak metals, which could possibly break during dismantling. It is suitable for all low stress assemblies when dismantling is by screwdriver or allen key.

Equivalent to Loctite 222

170-200-10300 Truloc Superloc 395 Low Strength Thread Lock 10ml £5.15 Excl.VAT
£6.18 Inc.VAT
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