Statement of Understanding before purchase (In Plain English):

The KX1 and KX3 Hobby CNC Mills have come about as a result of collaboration between Shanghai Sieg industrial Co, John Stevenson, Artsoft and Arc Euro Trade with the aim of making CNC milling available to more hobbyists at an affordable price and for use with the well known MACH 3 CNC control software.

Before considering purchasing a Hobby CNC machine, please read the following:

For the purpose of this statement, the buyer is presumed to be the end user.

  1. All Hobby CNC machines will be tested before dispatch.
  2. This is a Hobby CNC machine. It is not intended for commercial production use.
  3. Although the Mach 3 software and custom setup files are supplied with the machine, the price does not include the Mach 3 software license. It will be necessary to register and pay for the software license (US$159.00 at time of writing). This can be done on-line at the Artsoft website.
  4. It is understood that the end user of the hobby CNC machine has a dedicated computer* which is of the following specification:

    Minimum Spec:

    1.2GHz CPU
    512MB Memory
    20 GB Hard Drive
    Windows 2000 or XP, Home or Pro version (Mach 3 will not work on Windows Vista, Win 7 or Win 8 correctly)
    Free USB Port for machine interface

    Recommended Spec:

    2GHz CPU (Dual Core CPU's will run with Mach)
    1GB Memory
    20 GB Hard Drive
    Windows XP
    32 MB AGP/IDE-E Video Card
    Free USB Port for machine interface
    Front USB port (for memory stick drives for moving files)

    (* “Dedicated computer” means that all other programs and processes that might affect the operation of the Mach 3 program and the machine, like: Outlook, Anti-virus software and internet browsers, should be closed or disabled while operating the machine)

  5. The end user should have basic competence in using a Microsoft Windows 2000 / Windows XP based computer.
  6. It is also presumed that the buyer will be able to communicate via email, and have the ability to download/upload information via web based forums.
  7. Support is web based via the following service providers:

MACH Support

MACH2 / MACH3 Yahoo! Groups:

Or, the MACH Support Website:
This latter site is also where you register MACH and contains all the downloadable updates and adds ons.

MACH Yahoo Group

MACH support

Hobby CNC Milling Machine Support

The end user will have to register their machine serial number and manual serial number after which, forum based support will be provided. The support provided by SmallCNCSupport is not transferable if you later sell your machine.

Guidance for fixing machine based faults is forum based via this forum. The buyer should have mechanical and electrical competence to diagnose issues relating to failure of components via appropriate equipment e.g. a test meter to test electrical components. If the buyer does not have the ability, he/she should have access to a competent person who has the ability to assist him/her to identify and isolate the faulty component. We take no responsibility for damage or injury caused during or as a result of diagnosing/removing faulty components.

Once a faulty component has been identified, the post relating to the faulty component can be used by you to take up the matter further with us.

For UK Mainland customers only, we offer a twelve months return to base non-transferable warranty from the date of purchase. Parts which fail under warranty will be replaced free of charge. After discussion of the issue with us, we will advise you of the appropriate action to be taken.

The warranty does not cover abuse, wear and tear, damage caused by programming errors or computer malfunction.


Due to the competitive pricing for these products, we are unable to offer any direct support.

If you decide to proceed with purchasing these machines, you will be requested to confirm your agreement to accepting the points above.