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Sumitomo Indexable Turning Tools

Performance Indexable Carbide Turning Tools by

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Reasons to consider investing in SUMITOMO carbide inserts and toolholders
  • AC820P is a newly developed "Super FF" (Super Flat and Super Fine Grain Al2O3 & TiCN layers) multilayer, tough coated insert grade suitable for general machining of carbon and alloy steels.
  • Along with continuous and interrupted cut capability, the increased toughness delivers much improved wear resistance and fracture resistance compared to conventional P20 grades.
  • Although SUMITOMO inserts are interchangeable with any of the same size reputable inserts available elsewhere, for the very best performance, we recommend that they are used with SUMITOMO toolholders.
  • Each SUMITOMO precision toolholder with accurate pocket dimensions and high grade screw, always ensures the insert is securely held in its pocket.
  • Investing in a high quality SUMITOMO holder made with the finest Japanese steel, combined with the use of high grade inserts with the correct radius, can reduce the chance of insert dislodgment or breakage ().

Some of the common reasons for inserts breaking:

  • Incorrect grade of inserts used for the material being cut.
  • Spindle vibration.
  • Incorrect speed and feed rate.
  • Incorrect tool centring.
  • Poor mounting of insert in holder.
  • Poor quality of fixing screw/thread.
  • Poor quality of insert tool holder pocket.