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Lead Float Hand Files

Lead Float Hand Files - Cutting Edges

Tomé Feteira Lead Float Hand Files
Rectangular file. One 'safe' edge.

Use: For filing lead, copper and other soft materials.

Code Cut Length Width Thickness Suitable Handles
060-510-20000 Cut 0
(Very Coarse)
200mm 20mm 4.5mm W3 E3
060-510-25000 250mm 24mm 6mm W4 E5
060-510-30000 300mm 29mm 6.5mm W4 E6
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All Tomé Feteira files are made of high quality chromium alloy steel and hardened individually up to 64 HRC in order to ensure excellent cutting, even on very hard materials.

The hardness and the special depth of the teeth cuts on Tomé Feteira files give them much more resistance to wear, even under intensive professional use.

The most common cuts for normal files are Cut 1 (Bastard), Cut 2 (Second Cut) and Cut 3 (Smooth).

Although, for precision files (e.g. Swiss Pattern Needle files), Cut 0 (Very Coarse), Cut 2 (Second Cut) and Cut 4 (Dead Smooth), are all very popular with professionals.

File Cut Types
Tome Feteira Logo

The Tomé Fèteira File Company was founded in Portugal by Joaquim Tomé Fèteira in 1856, and has grown to be a modern and diversified manufacturing plant with a worldwide established name in producing high quality professional products.

With more than 150 years of constant technical research and development, Tomé Fèteira’s highly skilled workers have lead this company to become one of the most important file manufacturers in Europe and amongst the few top file producers in the world.

The constant search for improved quality and the rigorous inspection of each Tomé Fèteira product, ensure that they are of a high standard. These are the principles which make the well-known Tomé Fèteira brand preferred by engineers all over the world.

View the video: Factory visit to Tome Feteira

060-510-20000 Lead Float Hand File - 200mm Cut 0 (Very Coarse) £10.78 Excl.VAT
£12.94 Inc.VAT
060-510-25000 Lead Float Hand File - 250mm Cut 0 (Very Coarse) £12.60 Excl.VAT
£15.12 Inc.VAT
060-510-30000 Lead Float Hand File - 300mm Cut 0 (Very Coarse) £17.14 Excl.VAT
£20.57 Inc.VAT