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Dormer A094 13pc HSS TiN Jobber Drill Set 1.5-6.5mm


Dormer 13pc HSS Jobber Drill Set with A002 Drills, TiN-Tip Coated

A set containing 13 A002 drills of different metric diameters in a cleverly designed rotating dispenser which makes selecting the required size very simple.

Rotate the clear plastic top, until the required size is highlighted by the hole in the case, and turn the set upside down to remove the drill.

  • Versatile drills for both hand-held and machine drilling.
  • A specially designed 118° split point which helps to self-center the drill when drilling by hand and provides more accurate sized holes.
  • Suitable for drilling many materials.
  • TiN-Tip coating improves performance and extends tool life.

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Note: ≥ ø2.00mm: TiN-Tip coated & split point, < ø2.00mm: bright finish & convetional point.

Sizes included: 1.5mm - 6.5mm x 0.5mm + extra tapping sizes 3.3mm, 4.2mm

A094413 Dormer 13pc A002 HSS TiN Jobber Drill Set 1.5-6.5x0.5mm + RRP: £24.32 Inc.VAT
£20.83 Excl.VAT
£25.00 Inc.VAT