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Dormer A095204 25pc HSS TiN Jobber Drill Set 1.0-13.0mm


Dormer 25pc HSS Jobber Drill Set 1.0-13.0mm with A002 Drills, TiN-Tip Coated

  • Versatile drills for both hand-held and machine drilling.
  • A specially designed 118° split point which helps to self-center the drill when drilling by hand and provides more accurate sized holes.
  • Suitable for drilling many materials.
  • TiN-Tip coating improves performance and extends tool life.

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Note: ≥ ø2.00mm: TiN-Tip coated & split point, < ø2.00mm: bright finish & convetional point.

Sizes included: 1.0mm - 13.0mm x 0.5mm

Useful plastic storage case which keeps all drills together, with sizes clearly displayed for easy selection.

A095204 Dormer 25pc A002 HSS TiN Jobber Drill Set 1.0-13.0x0.5mm £129.17 Excl.VAT
£155.00 Inc.VAT