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Dormer A19131M 20pc HSS Micro Jobber Drill Set 0.3-1.0mm


Dormer 20pc HSS Micro Jobber Drill Set with A100 Drills

A set containing Dormer A100 drills of different metric diameters up to 1.00mm

A100 jobber drills with conventional 118° point. Bright finish.

Sizes included: 0.3mm - 1.0mm x 0.05mm + extra sizes 0.38mm, 0.52mm, 0.58mm, 0.78mm, 0.82mm

Provided in a compact and clearly marked plastic case which makes selecting the required drill size very easy.

A19131M Dormer 20pc A100 HSS Micro Drill Set 0.3-1.0x0.05mm + £53.18 Excl.VAT
£63.82 Inc.VAT