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Rocker Tool Post Assembly (C1-109+153+58)

Rocker Tool Post Assembly (C1-109+153+58)

The C1 rocker tool post eliminates the need for tool shimming.

One side of the tool post has a rocking segment which makes it easy to set the cutting edge at the correct height simply by adjusting two clamping screws.

Tool Post Dimensions
Rocker Tool Post Dimensions
Suitable for SIEG Lathes: C1
Other Lathes (check dimensions).

Rocker Tool Post assembly only includes C1-109 Rocker Tool Post, C1-153 Rocker Segment and 4 tool locking screws.

090-070-00075 C1 Rocker Toolpost Assembly £20.84 Excl.VAT
£25.01 Inc.VAT