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One Shot Lubrication System

This is a low pressure oil lubrication system. It is suitable for use on any machinery which can be lubricated manually by a hand actuated, intermittently fed oil discharge system.

It can be used to lubricate all friction points including Slides and Ways, Ball and Roller Bearings, Plain Bearings, Gears, Cams and Chains.

Lubricator (pump) and Reservoir. The one shot manual lubricator is operated by activating a piston which is connected to a pull handle. As the lubricator spring is compressed by actuating the handle, a measured quantity of oil is drawn into the piston chamber. Release of the handle forces the inlet check valve to close and the oil “shot” is forced into the distribution system under pressure of the compressed spring.

Resistance Fittings. A resistance fitting or meter unit is a fixed (non-adjustable) component designed for one-way delivery of a precise quantity of oil to a bearing or surface. The amount of oil delivered to each friction point is apportioned by the resistance fitting, not the pump. The pump controls the volume of oil available for overall system consumption.

Each lubrication point on the machine must have an assigned resistance fitting. The size of the resistance fitting depends upon the calculated oil requirement for that bearing and relative proportioning ratios of the rest of the system.

We can supply four different sizes of meter unit: 00 (smallest), 0, 1 & 2 (largest); each one able to deliver double the amount of oil as its predecessor.

To assign the sizes of the meter units required, start with the meter unit near mid-range in the friction point that requires the least amount of oil. Continue assigning sizes of all other resistance fittings in the system based on their relative size to other points. Points that require similar amounts of oil will be supplied from similar sized resistance fittings.

Distribution Network. Tubing plus various junctions, adapters, clips, and connection hardware make up the distribution network. The network connects the lubricator and individual resistance fittings located at or near the friction points. Typically, a single line (4mm O.D.) tube is branched at convenient locations to meet the requirements of the machine’s bearing arrangement.

90 degree Elbow Fitting
To keep the feed tubes out of harms way, this Y-axis lubrication feed uses 90° Elbow fittings screwed into the saddle oilways to feed both dovetails.
Combination of Elbow and Banjo fittings
Fed from each side of the column, a combination of Elbow & Banjo fittings is used to lubricate the dovetails on this Z-axis.
Pump feed to junction bar and meter units for distribution of oil to the X, Y and Z axes
Pump feed to junction bar and meter units for distribution of oil to the X, Y & Z axes. Note only 1 tube for each axis but 3 way junctions are used further along the network. Z axis meter unit is also positioned further along the network.

Typical Lubrication System