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SX1-124 Potentiometer

SX1-124 Potentiometer

Speed control potentiometer with On/Off switch for SX1 Mills.

There are two possibilities available depending upon which speed control board is fitted. The correct pot should be identified either from it's own label (if present), which speed control board is fitted to the machine or by the switching operation (if working).

Identifying the C1 or X1 speed pot by it's label

Code Potentiometer
Control Board
Switch Operation
SX1-124A WH24-2 F4k7 FC150BJ Contacts Closed when switched off
SX1-124B WH24-2 Z4k7 XMT2315 Contacts Open when switched off
  • Pot Value: R4K7
  • Switch Configuration: SPST (see table for switch operation)
  • Operation Direction: Clockwise to switch on and increase speed
  • Panel Cutout: ø8mm
  • Shaft: ø6mm (splined)
SX1-124A SX1-124A Potentiometer WH24-2-F4k7 for FC150BJ PCB £8.87 Excl.VAT
£10.64 Inc.VAT
SX1-124B SX1-124B Potentiometer WH24-2-Z4k7 for XMT2315 PCB £9.23 Excl.VAT
£11.08 Inc.VAT
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