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SX2.7N.2-12 Hand Wheel

SX2.7N.2-12 Hand Wheel

Handwheel for the Z-axis (and Y-axis).

  • Cast Alloy with black paint finish
  • Handwheel Diameter: 100mm.
  • Handwheel Width: 40mm (overall).
  • Bore: 12mm
  • Keyway: 4mm
  • Provision is made for a 15mm wide dial with a bore of 36mm and includes a 10mm wide groove for a friction spring.
  • Handle Mounting Thread: M8

Note: This handwheel is not suitable for the X-Axis handwheel on SX2.7N or X2.7L mills.

SX2.7N.2-12 SX2.7N.2-12 Hand Wheel £16.61 Excl.VAT
£19.93 Inc.VAT