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SX3-217 Main Control Board

SX3-217 Main Control Board

Main control board for the SX3 Mill. Programmed for use with the SX3-68 brushless motor.

Not supplied with any wiring diagrams as it is sold as a direct replacement for the SX3 Mill.

  • Dimensions: 220x120x90mm

Please use the photos below to identify the correct control board for your machine

Old board with Relay

Note: If you are replacing this "older" SX3-217 (Z1000-1) control board...

New board with NO Relay

... it has now been superseded by this "new" updated SX3-217 (Z1000-1A) control board.

For the updated control board to work correctly, you will need to make sure your machine is fitted with the new style SX3-26-B Emergency Stop Switch.

SX3 Emergency Stop Switches - Old SX3-26 vs New SX3-26-B

If your machine has the old style SX3-26 Emergency Stop Switch, you will need to replace the following parts:

  • SX3-23-B Switch Panel (revised to accomodate the new style Emergency Stop switch)
  • SX3-26-B Emergency Stop Switch (revised to work with the updated control board)
  • SX3-27 Touch Panel Overlay (no change but removing your old one and sticking it onto the new switch panel will be difficult)
  • SX3-217 Main Control Board

For your convenience: We have put together SX3-217-UP as an upgrade kit comprising all four parts.

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SX3-217-UP SX3-217 Main Control Board Upgrade Kit £284.40 Excl.VAT
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