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Tapping Collet Set for Tailstock Turret

Tapping Collet Set

New Low Price!

The 2 part main body fits our Indexing Tailstock Turret and is free to slide back and forth allowing the tailstock to locked in place during tapping operations.

A set of 7 Tap Holders in various sizes fit into the end of the main body.

  • Spigot Size: 16mm
  • Free Movement: 35mm

Note: If you can't find a tap holder with the right diameter bore and square to suit your tap, one could easily be modified by boring to the correct diameter and fitting 2 grub screws (at 90° to each other) to hold the square end of your tap.

090-070-00602 Tapping Collet Set - 16mm Spigot RRP: £60.60 Inc.VAT
£47.31 Excl.VAT
£56.77 Inc.VAT