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Gas Strut Conversion Kit for SX2P, SX2 & X2 Mills

Gas Strut Conversion Kits for SX2P, SX2 and X2 Mills

Introductory offer - Just £99!

These conversion kits contain a pair of gas struts, one for either side of the head, resulting in smoother, and more balanced operation.

Two different kits are available for retro-fitting to both fixed column SX2P mills and tilting column SX2 and X2 mills.


  • The head weight is evenly balanced.
  • Easy to fit - only 6 holes to be drilled and tapped.
Code Compatible Mills
090-040-00120 SX2P and SX2LF Fixed Column mills
090-040-00130 X2 and SX2 Tilting Column mills

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Tools required

  • Centre punch
  • Tapping drills: 5mm and 6.8mm
  • Hand taps: M6x1.0mm and M8x1.25mm
  • Tap wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 12mm, 14mm & 17mm spanners
  • 2.5mm, 4mm & 5mm Allen keys

Fitting the conversion kit

  • Wind the head up to the top of the column.
  • Lock the head dropping after the spring counterbalance is removed.
  • Remove the spring counterbalance assembly.
  • Mark the hole positions on the head and column according to the drawing provided in the kit (some masking tape stuck to the machine can be helpful here).
  • Centre punch the hole positions.
  • Using a pistol drill, drill four 5.0mm holes in the head and two 6.8mm holes in the column taking care to keep the drill square to the castings.
  • Tap the four holes in the head M6x1.0 and two holes in the column M8x1.25.
  • Assemble the connector bars to the head blocks using the M5 screws provided. Note the left-hand head block is slotted to fit over the Z-axis rule.
  • Screw the gas strut ball joints (cylinder end) to the top of the connector bars and tighten.
  • Screw the head blocks to the side of the head using the M6 screws provided. Check the connector bars are vertical before fully tightening the screws.
  • Screw the gas strut ball joints (rod end) to the holes tapped in the column and tighten.
  • Unlock the head and test the free movement and balance of the head.

Click Here to view the Tilting Column Conversion Kit Diagram

Click Here to view the Fixed Column Conversion Kit Diagram

090-040-00120 SX2P Gas Strut Conversion Kit £82.50 Excl.VAT
£99.00 Inc.VAT
090-040-00130 X2 / SX2 Gas Strut Conversion Kit for Tilting Column £82.50 Excl.VAT
£99.00 Inc.VAT