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Powerfeed for SIEG X2.7L and SX2.7L Mills

Powerfeed for SIEG X2.7L and SX2.7L Mills

The powerfeed fixes to the left end of the worktable replacing the existing end plate and engaging with the drive slot in the end of the X-axis feed screw.


  • Motor: Variable speed 35w DC geared motor.
  • Clutch: Offers the freedom to move the table by handwheel or powerfeed.
  • Limit Switch: Stops feeding the table when the pre-set end-stop is reached. On the X2.7L and SX2.7L mills, the switch box fixes to the front of the saddle and the adjustable end-stops are fitted to the tee-slot on the front of the table.
  • Power supply: 24v Power Adaptor included

This powerfeed is suitable for the following machines:

  • SIEG X2.7L Mill
  • SIEG SX2.7L Mill

(Not suitable X2.7 or SX2.7 Mills)


  • Ideal for moving the X axis fast to the workpiece and as a fast return thus saving time
  • Most suitable for taking light cuts, with approximate feed rates of 80mm/min. (40 turns of handwheel) to 360mm/min. (180 turns of handwheel), depending on type & size of cutter, and depth of cut. Where there is a need for feed rates lower than 80mm/min. (40 turns of handwheel), traditional methods of turning the leadscrew by rotating the handwheel should be adopted, for example if greater depth of cut is required in a single pass. Alternatively, multiple passes with a lighter depth of cut and higher feedrate using the power feed would achieve similar results. In many cases, tests carried out by ARC have shown that multiple light depths of cut under power feed can still achieve the results faster or at least at the same total time required to take a deeper cut by turning the handwheel manually.
  • With the powerfeed engaged, very light depth cuts achieve a great looking and consistent finish.
  • The milling time and effort saved by deploying the powerfeed will make machining a more pleasurable experience.

090-056-10206 Power Feed for X2.7L, SX2.7L £306.01 Excl.VAT
£367.21 Inc.VAT