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Coaxial Centring Indicator

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Coaxial Centring Indicator

For accurate centring of a work piece or fixture on the mill.

The indicator body remains stationary while the spindle rotates a feeler around a bore, an external boss (up to 300mm diameter), or in a centre punch mark.

Rotate the spindle slowly under power and move the X and Y axes until the indicator needle stops moving.

The set comprises:

  • Coaxial Indicator
  • 3 Straight (Internal) Feelers
  • 3 Curved (External) Feelers
  • Spring Loaded Centre Feeler
  • Anti Rotation Rod
  • Spanner, Storage Case and Instructions

Available in metric only:

  • Metric Dial - ø10mm Shank

Note: A coaxial indicator is used solely for centring.
The dial divisions should be treated as a scale of no dimension. They are not real measurements.
Whilst the markings might give a true reading at a particular diameter; the indicator should never be used to take measurements.

100-105-10100 Coaxial Centering Indicator Set - Metric Dial RRP: £60.76 Inc.VAT
£55.22 Excl.VAT
£66.26 Inc.VAT