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ARC Versatile SG Iron Milling Vices

ARC Versatile SG Iron Milling Vices


  • These vices may be used horizontally or vertically.

    ARC Versatile SG Iron Milling Vices
  • Angle Lock clamping. When tightening the vice, the angled face on the nut transmits it's clamping force both forwards and downwards via a self-aligning spherical segment (an ARC specified improvement). The spherical segment locates in a corresponding recess inside the movable jaw preventing the jaw from lifting off the guideway. A small amount of jaw lift is possible depending on the type of work being held. (A little fettling in the area of the nut casting can improve the accuracy if required.)
  • A friction reducing thrust ball bearing increases clamping pressure when closing the vice.
  • Both ends of the fixed jaw have an M8 threaded hole for mounting a work stop (not included).
  • For light work, the capacity of the vice can be increased by mounting the jaw plates on either end of the jaws or even on the top of the moveable jaw. Note: The fixed and moveable jaw holder height may vary. If necessary, pack/shim as required if using the vice in these configurations.
  • Material: Ductile SG (spheroidal graphite) cast iron. (click for Wikipedia definition)
  • Supplied with locking handle and 2 locating keys.
Jaw Width 100mm 160mm
Jaw Depth 32mm 45mm
Max Jaw Opening

(see also:
Jaw Position Diagram
122mm 199mm
Location Keyway Width 14mm 18mm
Overall Size Length 305mm 440mm
Width 100mm 160mm
Height 95mm 127mm
Weight 10kg 30kg
130-040-03500 ARC Versatile SG Iron Milling Vice 100mm RRP: £108.94 Inc.VAT
£82.50 Excl.VAT
£99.00 Inc.VAT
130-040-03600 ARC Versatile SG Iron Milling Vice 160mm £231.52 Excl.VAT
£277.82 Inc.VAT