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Mini-Lathe 63 Tooth Metal Gearwheel

63 tooth metal change gear suitable for SIEG C2, C3, SC2, SC3 and other mini-lathes.

Click the 'More' tab for a link to Neil Wyatt's article in Model Engineers' Workshop magazine No. 204 discussing how you can use a 63 tooth gear to cut both Metric and Imperial threads on a Mini-Lathe.

  • Number of Teeth: 63
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Width: 8mm
  • Bore: 12mm
  • Keyway: 3mm

Note: Additional gears beyond those supplied with your machine may also be required to cut some threads.
We stock a range of individual plastic gears and metal gear sets:

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Shortcut to The Mini-Lathe by Neil Wyatt

See a copy of Neil Wyatt's article Acrobat File Universal Thread Cutting on a Mini Lathe from Model Engineers' Workshop issue 204.

The article includes 3 pages of tables showing change wheel combinations to cut all standard BSW, BSF, BSP, BA, UNC, UNF and Metric threads (within the capacity of the Mini-Lathe) for Mini-Lathes fitted with either a 16TPI, 1.5mm or 2mm leadscrew.

Reproduced here with the kind permission of Neil Wyatt, and David Clark, editor of Model Engineers' Workshop magazine.

090-020-02100 Mini-Lathe Metal Gearwheel 63T £11.03 Excl.VAT
£13.24 Inc.VAT
090-020-02125 Mini-Lathe Metal Gearwheel 25T £7.24 Excl.VAT
£8.69 Inc.VAT
090-020-02175 Mini-Lathe Metal Gearwheel 75T £12.51 Excl.VAT
£15.01 Inc.VAT