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Truloc Engineering Adhesives

Range Guide Truloc Name Type Purpose
Retainers Superfit 211 Medium strength bearing grade Anaerobic self-hardening liquids that bond and seal cylindrical assemblies such as bearings and shafts.
Superfit 231 High strength shaft grade
Superfit 268 High strength gap filling grade
Superfit 271 High strength high viscosity gap filling grade
Threadlockers Superloc 355 High strength wicking grade High performance speciality products for all threadlocking applications.
Superloc 395 Low strength screw grade
Superloc 375 Medium strength nut grade
Superloc 360 High strength stud grade
Sealants Superseal 742 Gasket Eliminator thixotropic paste Replaces solid gaskets and provides a flexible cured film.
Superseal 937 Hydraulic & pneumatic sealant Locks and seals hydraulic and pneumatic threads, joints, valves, gauges, elbows, piping etc.
Superbond 500 Structural acrylic adhesive Two component, no mix adhesive cured by contact.
Separate activator not required.
Suitable for bonding metals, ceramics, glass, wood, hard plastics.
Super Epoxy Fast curing epoxy Two pack epoxy resin supplied in a 25ml syringe