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Truloc Superloc Threadlock

High performance speciality products for all threadlocking applications

Selection Guide Superloc 355 Superloc 395 Superloc 375 Superloc 360
Type Wicking Grade Screw grade Nut Grade Stud Grade
Features For locking parts that are already assembled.
(Loctite Equivalent 290)
For locking nuts, bolts and screws where easy dismantling may later be required.
(Loctite Equivalent 222)
Higher viscosity for larger gap filling.
Oil tolerant.
(Loctite Equivalent 243)
Medium viscosity.
Oil tolerant.
(Loctite Equivalent 271)
Strength High Low Medium High
Low viscosity and high capillary action for locking and sealing threaded fasteners and close fittings parts after assembly. Low strength for small fasteners which could break during dismantling. It is suitable for all low stress assemblies. Recommended for any metric or other conventional size fastener, and is effective on all industrial metals. Best for high strength threadlocking of studs, grub screws and bolts where regular disassembly is not usual.
Pack Size 10ml 10ml 10ml 10ml
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