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TRULOC Superbond 500 Structural Acrylic Adhesive

In our opinion: Better, Safer, and more Cost Effective than the nearest Loctite equivalent 326!!

  • Two component structural acrylic adhesive cured by contact - does not require mixing.
  • No separate activator required.
  • Highly resistant to impact, peeling and tensile.
  • Suitable for bonding metals, ceramics, glass, wood, hard plastics.
  • Nearest Loctite Equivalent: 326 only safer and probably better.
Mixing Ratio 1:1 (Not critical)
Joint Thickness 0.05 to 0.5mm
Handling Time 1-3 minutes
Functional Strength 30-60 minutes
Functional Strength 30 to 60 minutes
Shear Strength 12-25 N.mm²
Tensile Strength 15-25 N.mm²
Peeling Strength 3.5-5
Impact strength 15-25 Nmm/mm²
Pack Size 2x 50ml bottles
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170-200-30100 Truloc Superbond 500 2 Pack Structural Acr.Bonder A/B 50ml £21.70 Excl.VAT
£26.04 Inc.VAT
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