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Fuji Frenic Mini - Single Phase Inverters - CLEARANCE

Great Performance in a compact package.

Fuji Electric is one of the leading companies in drive and automation technology. Frequency inverters by Fuji Electric have been displaying their high quality standards and extensive performance spectrum for more than 25 years. The manufacturer's "know-how" and the world-wide availability of Fuji Electric guarantee safe implementation in machinery and systems. The ideal functions to serve a multiplicity of needs for small-capacity inverters.

The FRENIC-Mini series offers a full range of AC drive functions with simple operation and maintenance features in a compact micro-drive package design. Available from us in 2 sizes selected to suit our high speed spindles, FRENIC-Mini models are available to operate from 220V single-phase input.

  • High carrier frequency for smooth, quiet motor operation.
  • High starting torque of 150% at more at 5Hz.
  • Optimal control of output torque by adding simplified magnetic flux estimator to V/f control.
  • On-delay compensation for reduced motor instability at low speed.
Simple Setup
  • If a high speed spindle and Fuji Frenic Mini inverter are purchased from us at the same time, we will programme the inverter with the settings for the spindle FREE OF CHARGE. This is a major plus point reducing your setup time.
  • The terminal block covers are easily removed without tools for wiring.
  • Miniaturization to a minimum level in it's class:
  • 3.0A Inverter dimensions: 120x80x95mm
  • 5.0A Inverter dimensions: 120x80x140mm
Easy Operation
  • The frequency can be adjusted easily by hand from the keypad potentiometer.
  • The output frequency, set frequency, load shaft speed, output current, output voltage, alarm history, input power etc. can all be displayed.
  • Keypad menu items include the function menu for checking or changing function codes, operation monitor , I/O check, maintenance info. and alarm info.
Low Maintenance
  • Natural air cooling via rear heat sink - No fan to replace!
  • Cumulative running time is recorded and displayed.
  • The alarm history for the 4 latest alarms is recorded.

We strongly recommend using a Line Filter between the mains socket and the inverter input to minimise any unwanted radio frequency interference entering the household electricity supply. See below for recommended Line Filter: 165-030-02030

Code 165-020-00300 165-020-00400
Standard Motor Rating 0.4kW (0.54HP) 0.75kW (1.01HP)
Rated Output Capacity 1.1kVA 1.9kVA
Rated Output Voltage Three Phase, 220V/50Hz,
200, 220, 230V/60Hz
Rated Output Current 3.0A 5.0A
Overload Capability 150% of rated current for 1 min,
200% of rated current for 0.5s
Input Voltage Single Phase 200-240V, 50/60Hz
(operates from a 13A household supply)
Voltage: +10 to -10%
Frequency: +5 to -5%
Rated Input Current 5.4A 9.7A
Required Power
Supply Capacity
0.7kVA 1.3kVA
Braking Torque 100%
Cooling Method Natural Air Cooling via rear heat sink
Enclosure IP Rating IP20
Dimensions (HxWxD) 120x80x95mm 120x80x140mm
165-020-00300 Fuji Frenic Mini Single Phase Inverter 0.37-0.55kW £136.98 Excl.VAT
£164.38 Inc.VAT
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