Needle Roller Thrust Bearings


These can be used to alleviate play in applications of leadscrews etc. in lathes and mills,
for example: Myford ML7 Cross Slide Leadscrew Thrust Bearing Modification

(Note: CP, AS and TRA are the washer part of the bearings)


AX614CPCP AX 614 +CP+CP (a) Needle Roller Thrust Bearings - 6x14x3.1 £3.61 In Stock Qty:
AXK0821ASAS AXK0821 + AS + AS Needle Roller Thrust Bearings - 8x21x4 £2.89 In Stock Qty:
AXK1024ASAS AXK1024 + AS + AS Needle Roller Thrust Bearings - 10x24x4 £2.89 In Stock Qty:
AXK1226ASAS AXK1226 + AS + AS Needle Roller Thrust Bearings - 12x26x4 £3.92 In Stock Qty:
AXK1528ASAS AXK1528 + AS + AS Needle Roller Thrust Bearing - 15x28x4mm £3.92 In Stock Qty:
AXK1730ASAS AXK1730+AS+AS Needle Roller Thrust Bearings - 17x30x4 £3.92 In Stock Qty:


NTA411TRATRA NTA411+TRA+TRA N.R.Thrust Bearings - 1/4x11/16x0.1401 £3.80 In Stock Qty:
NTA512TRATRA NTA512+TRA+TRA N.R.Thrust Bearings - 5/16x3/4x0.1401 £3.80 In Stock Qty:
NTA613TRATRA NTA613+TRA+TRA N.R.Thrust Bearings - 3/8x13/16x0.1401 £5.15 In Stock Qty:
NTA815TRATRAMY NTA815+TRA+TRAmy N.R.Thrust Bearings - 1/2x15/16x0.1401 £5.15 In Stock Qty:
NTA1220TRATRA NTA1220+TRA+TRA N.R.Thrust Bearings - 3/4x1 1/4x0.1401 £5.15 In Stock Qty:
NTA1625TRATRA NTA1625+TRA+TRA N.R.Thrust Bearings - 1x1 9/16x0.1401 £5.15 In Stock Qty: